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Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

I like to feel a tourist in my own home town; so I was glad to check-in LINK Hotel & Hub: a new brand of Dan Hotels that is offering an innovative concept

Link hotel the hub-photo Gili Mazza

In what way the Link is innovative?

The design perception skipped many of the characteristics of an ordinary hotel and its obvious; there are 3 NO issues:

No front desk

No cash payments

No bellboy

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

But big yes-to a comprehensive application that operate your stay from the check-in and out; an option to order food and drinks and also a variety of functions in the room: from the option to open it, play the TV, activate the AC and adjust the light and atmosphere.

There is also-a versatile young service team that is available 24/7

my room at Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

After meeting - my sweet room one of 94 rooms-in 4 categories; i did my small sniffing and found some gadgets that I appreciate-like 2 pairs of colorful socks and black slippers; quite a change from the usual white borring ones

gadgets in Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

I felt hungry - so i took the elveator to minus one floor; there is a restaurant that serves fresh light meals. i choose the ceaser salad with salmon slices that was delicious

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

I couldn’t wait -till i came down again; with my laptop to the working area. the new traditional lobby at any hotel became here a HUB which is a shared space with work desks, meeting rooms of different sizes, a pool table and board games

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

I loved- the artistic approach of the hotel: above my bed their was a display of Graffiti that reflects the real Link of the hotel to: street art

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Each floor out of the 8 :is dedicated to another street artist and all the works are offered for purchase

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Even in the elevators; there is a unique graffiti atmosphere and also in the fitness complex, that is open all day around

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Near the Spa and fitness area- there is a service room with lockers for guests arriving before check-in or want to stay after check-out, self-service washing machines; dryers and vending machines with cargo adapters, flip-flops and shaving kits

differnt corners at Link hotel & hub-photos by Gili Mazza

At Night-the HUB became a contemporary recreation and meeting area, including the use of the display tools for watching movies; listening to music and enjoying the open kitchen and beverage bar

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

There is also an espresso bar called "LinkCafe"; that serves some good pastries

Batman at Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Batman-Daniel Siboni, the main art curator of the Link Hotel, created along with leading street artists; a unique series of works which gives an interpretation of the favorite superhero Batman, who celebrates 80 years of an icon

Batman at Link hotel & hub-photos by Gili Mazza

Location- Link hotel & hub: Tel Aviv, Sderot Shaul Hamelech 39, main Boulevard that is super to feel the energetic vibe of TLV

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Free walking tours-by the city municipality:

Near by-Tel Aviv museum of art- that is closed on Sunday

For reservations-

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

Do you want to read more about the street art scene in Israel?

Here is an article about-Pop Up TLV museum

Graffiti hipster in down town Tel Aviv

Netanya -street art

Link hotel & hub-photo Gili Mazza

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