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best new things - Dead Sea

Dead sea beach mall-photo Gili Mazza

The Dead Sea - VAT free mall

each year 3 million tourists visit the Dead Sea – one of the eight wonders of the world ,So defiantly they deserve a great new mall

Dead sea mall-photo Gili Mazza

I was happy to be a guest of the Dead Sea mall that was launched on Ein Bokek hotels area, a week ago

Some celebs and influential media leaders, got the benefit to land with a private helicopter on the special sand track, that was placed especially on the new beach, outside the amazing mall

Dead sea beach mall-photo Gili Mazza

Built on 15,000 mr, with two commercial floors and around 100 stores, among them are known brands as: Boss, Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Columbia, Pandora ,Timberland , Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and more.

photos of dead sea mall

The news of this special project ,is that all vacationers in the Dead Sea region-can enjoy the VAT revolution and the lowest prices in Israel for those brands - really a "nice to know" for shopping lovers

dead sea mall-photo Gili Mazza

So- its the first mall in Israel outside Eilat where shopping are VAT-free and has VAT reimbursement counter for tourists, to allow an option to save time at Ben Gurion Airport and receive reimbursement at the special counter ,here in the Dead sea

dead sea-photo Gili Mazza

After 30 years-new spectacle in Masada

Masada heroic site- is Ranked as Israel’s most popular national park with 1 million visitors a year. 2 weeks ago, the Masada site launched an international display screened on Mount Masada’s

After arriving with a cable car, and then having a great sunset walk, to the Masada's western slope, we saw a new nocturnal show dubbed :“From Sunset to sunrise". combining video mapping technology as well as advanced lighting and sound effects ,that recount the story of the Roman siege of Masada and King Herod's extravagant life style.

Masada live show

The first audio-visual spectacle was produced for Masada 30 years ago. Their was a real need to tell this 2000-year old story ,in a manner that withstands the signs of time and is still relevant and compelling for today’s audience. so it was done by a special company, that master innovative technologiesthe by illustrating the historical period through computer animation

Masada-from dusk to dawn

The soundtrack for “Sunset to Sunrise” was composed with Dozens of actors, extras, orchestra and an extensive choir ,participate in the performance, breathing life into the ancient story of Masada and its historical heroes. The open air theatre at Masada hosts up to 1,500 persons. The show can be watched in Hebrew, English and Russian

Masada from Sunset to Sunrise” is screened on Tuesdays and Thursdays after sunset (19:30 during wintertime, 20:30 or 21:30 during summertime). Tickets costs NIS 50 per adult or NIS 40 per child (age 5-18 years old).

A spacious camping area is available for visitors who choose to spend the night at Masada ,and climb to the top of the mountain to watch the magnificent sunrise

salt mine near Jericho-photo Gili Mazza

scented with ancient fragrances -the Balm of Gilead farm

The Balm of Gilead farm just in the way to Kibbutz Almog (means coral in Hebrew), is an option to experience a tangible and exciting multisensory tour

the camel of Almog junction-photo Gili Mazza

this place,is actualy a farm that grows exclusive collection of rare biblical fragrant and medicinal plants: that are assumed as the ones that produced the incense of the Holy Temple, including dozens of species of frankincense and myrrh, ancient perfume plants and medicinal plants of the desert

Guy Erlich in his desert farm-near Kibbutz Almog

This is a place of one dreamer :Guy Erlich that is struggling all the obstacles that an enterpriser has, with no funds but a strong believe in his vision

The basic tour I did with him, includes his introduction of the selected plants of the farm, tasting of unique herbal tea, preparation of incense and incense burning ritual.

the balm of Gilead-photo Gili Mazza

You can add to the tour an ancient cosmetics workshop. The activities should be coordinated directly with Guy :


the farm's Web

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

Morocco is here-Biankini resort

This place is a fantasy of one woman- Dina Dagan ,who fought against all skepticism and constructed in her own hands a resort-that is spectaculus

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

Biankini village, has started with one hut and now contains more then 80 bungalows, mini and luxurious suites, that is widening in every visit I pay this place.

the artist at work-photos :Gili Mazza

Last week I felt , as if I took a flight to Egypt .Dina built icons as the queen Cleopatra and the pyramids of Cairo, rarising from a new raw of suites, with a perfect balcony to the sea

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

All of this miracle is designed in her own style- a Moroccan village. Dina Dagan planted in 20 years seeds of peace, that are blooming with her mixed guests-Israelis, tourists, west bank visitors, religious and secular people

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

All of them, are welcome and share the same facilities such as: a private beach that has natural therapeutic black mud, tanning beds and a life guard service

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

you must try the big authentic restaurant-Mediterranean and Moroccan food, semi Olympic pool, camping site, salt room, lawns, minimarket that also sell dead sea products

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

I recommend to reserve a place especially in the high season from April till August.

For reservations call:02-9400266 or mobile:052-6663180

Biankini resort-photo Gili Mazza

Oasis in Monastery of St Gerasimus- Deir Hajla

In Arabic it is known as Deir Hajla, meaning: the monastery of the partridge, a common bird to the area. due to the fact its located about 7 kilometers southeast of Jericho and is near the Palestinian territory, not many locals are visiting this verdant and welcoming oasis in the lower Jordan Valley

st Gerasimus-Deir Hajla-photo Gili Mazza

According to an old tradition, the gold-domed monastery was built where Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus took shelter in a cave,while fleeing from Herod the Great

st Gerasimus-Deir Hajla-photo Gili Mazza

The Monastery of St Gerasimus- one of the earliest of the 70-plus monasteries in the Judaean desert, is named in honor of a pioneering monk ,who is usually depicted with a pet lion. it comes from a legend-story that st. Gerasumus found the animal wandering in the desert, suffering from a thorn stuck in his paw

st Gerasimus-Deir Hajla-photo Gili Mazza

The saint gently removed the thorn and the lion thereafter, devoted himself to Gerasimus, serving him and the monastery till the monk died. This event is commemorated in the ground-floor crypt ,beneath the monastery church.

For pilgrims and visitors-as myself, it’s a place of hospitality and refreshment with fruit trees, flowers and birdsong,that offers a contrast to the hot and barren environment of the Judaean wilderness. in a courtyard I drank black coffee and fresh orange juice and it was a perfect ending of the day

st Gerasimus-Deir Hajla-photo Gili Mazza

Administered by: Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Tel.: 02 9943038 or 050 348892

Open: 8am-6pm daily


גיא ארליך
גיא ארליך
Apr 15, 2019

Your visit made us very happy. Nice article. Thank you.


גילי מצא
גילי מצא
Apr 15, 2019

thank you Guy for the nice feedback


גיא ארליך
גיא ארליך
Apr 15, 2019

הביקור שלך שימח אותנו מאוד. כתבה יפה. תודה רבה.

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