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Astana- were to sleep, eat, fly and enjoy

great opera in Astana-photo Gili Mazza

welcome to the opera

Situated on the left bank of the river Ishim, the Astana Opera House is a glamourous gemstone. The building that was open officially in 2013, is huge and impresses by its architectural refinement, that has some Kazakh national motifs.

lavish style in the opera of Astana-photo Gili Mazza

World famous artists, performed on this stage, that I got an opportunity to visit, just before the audience walked in.Coming to see the opera “Abai", coproduced by Kazakh-Italian creative team. For me, the story of Abai: a poet, educator, philosopher, who became the spiritual teacher of the nation, was an interesting cultural experience.

the opera Abai-photo Gili Mazza

The decoration of this opera, that was made by Italian craftsmen, and the costume design, did a great work, to bring the accurate feel ,of the period and the people. At the intermission, as the opera duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes, i enjoyed the balcony of the second floor. I gazed on the elegant people , the chandeliers and the shining marble floor, and felt majestic and honored.

entrance hall of the opera-photo Gili Mazza

Next time that you can see this great production of Abai is-August 12, 2017

More info about the opera and the schedule:

king hotel- photorights Gili Mazza
King hotel Astana-photo Gili Mazzz

Business hotel

The King hotel, is a great business hotel. i saw many "suits", from all nationalities, gathering in the lobby. internet as wifi is very good, which is crucial. i had a problem with the A.C, and i got another room, that was spacious and cool. The front desk staff, was fast and efficent. my "new" room, was quite and the balcony from the 15 floor, is a nice surprise. the rates of the rooms are really low, compared to what you get, including a big buffet for breakfast and dinner, that was open till 22.00.

special buildings and hotels-photo Gili Mazza

let's have a dessert

This coffee house, Bonbon, has a central location, close to Bayterek tower. The menu , that is also in English, has a variety of food. also great choices of pastry and desserts, that are higly recommended. i tried the Blini Pancakes, with homemade Caramel Sauce, that i wanted to have more, but had to count the calories. next to me, someone tried the Prince Regent chocolate cake, and made some unmistakable sounds. this is a place to catch up with friends, have a business lunch, or simply buy some desserts to-go.

Their web site is unfortunately only in Russian.

elegant Olivier restaurant-photo Gili Mazza

Fine food

Olivier, has popular dishes of European, Russian and Asian cuisines, convenient location and stylish interior design. I started with berry tea infusion, that was excellent. then i was recomended, to try the Olivier salad that containes poatatos, carrots, beens, in a mayonnaise sauce and a boiled egg. i have to admit, it had a delicate special taste.

Olivier salad- photorights Gili Mazza
olivier salad-photo Gili Mazza

For the main dish, i took the dorado fillet with potato cream, insted of horse meat filet mignon, that i promissed to try next time. there is a fancy cigar room, some private corners, a bar with a nice selection of bevrages, so it's obvious why people stay long, and make Olivier, their favorit restaurant.

Info about local food-

local market Astana-photo Gili Mazza

Flying here

About 4 times a week, the Ukraine airlines, fly from Tel Aviv to Astana, via Kiev. to look for flight deals, check the UIA site ,also for schedule and flights status. There are some law fares, so it's worth spending time.

The blogger was a guest of UIA, from Tel Aviv to Astana

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nice walkaway-photo Gili Mazza


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