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Best things to do in Astana- horse race

At the same area of the Ethnoaul , at "Kazanat" racetrack, there was an amazing show. EXPO Baiga Cup for Prizes of

the President of Kazakhstan, took place on June 11, 2017. For me, it was an option to jump on the opportunity, as an admirer of horses.

Just to explain, Baiga is one of the most ancient and extended types of horse race, of Turik people. a collection of ethnic groups, that live in central, eastern, northern and western Asia.

You may not understand, what's the big deal, but it wasn’t only a demonstration of long distance race, but a cultural exposition, to Traditional games. such as Audaryspak, Kokpar, Kyzkuu and other exotic names. an integral part of an impressive culture.

I kept my mouth open for awhile. To see speeding horse rider, picking a coin or something else from the ground while galloping, man shooting arrows to targets, kind of wrestling between couples and other unusual demonstrations.

That equestrian competitions occurred in connection, with nomadic living conditions, which means harsh climate and topographical obstacles. in the past, it was a necessity to prepare horses to long distances, and not less important, physically tough horse riders.

I was amazed to see Kazakh boys maybe 8 to 13 years, riding aside to professional jockeys, showing tactical mastership, comparing the galloping speed and finally winning cups, medals and awards, that worth a fortune.

I am glad i had the option, to be an active part, as taking photos, underneath the pulsing 4 legs runners.

winners baiga cup-photorights Gili Mazza

winners baiga cup-photorights Gili Mazza

me.....Gili Mazza

me.....Gili Mazza

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Expo horse race- photorights Gili Mazza


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