Elvis in(n) Jerusalem

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

A 16-foot statue of Elvis,outside a gas station, marks your arrival. at Elvis Inn, Jerusalem. this diner ,has the largest collection of the

rock legend Elvis memorabilia, outside United States.

the inn, that was designed at 1950, has American-Middle East fusion touch.on every wall, your eyes are mesmerized on photographs, from speeding Elvis career.

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

Uri Yoeli, the owner and the entrepreneur, received the sole franchise to open branches of Elvis, in about 20 countries. here in Jerusalem,It dishes up, burgers and French fries aside loacal hummus. Mr. Yoeli told me, he has the original recipe, which Elvis ate on a daily basis, at a diner in Memphis. hamburger medium-well, a dose of 300 g, with cheese, onion and potato chips.

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

prices here are mid-range, but the experience is priceless. whether for fans or for anyone, who likes special places. and yes, a must visit is to the restrooms. the decor is unique. each door, has a poster of the king and some other surprises.

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

this local Graceland, including 1,700 photos, among other thousands of items. some of which, are donated by people, who were thrilled with them, some of them are pricless. a nice memorable object to buy, is one of the 60 Elvis mugs, who collectors accumulate with passion.

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

i found out that it's a well known stop point for motorcycles, Harley Davidson vehicles. many Hollywood stars, visited here and every self-respecting media, reported about Holly land Elvis. here the legend continues to sing 24/7.

open-seven days a week from early morning, until the last diner leaves.

Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

location:Neve Ilan

facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elvis-Diner-in-Jerusalem/173516476030397 Phone: 00972(0)2 -534-1275.

if coming during high season, it's recomended to reserve a place.

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Elvis inn Jerusalem-photo Gili Mazza

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