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Insider tips to Tel Aviv markets

tastings markets-photo Gili Mazza

No trip to Tel Aviv will be complete, without visiting at least one market, or “shuk” as we say in Hebrew

shuk Carmel gallery

Why? Cause Israeli markets are lively, colorful and a strong experience for all senses

culinary heaven-shuk Carmel

shuk Carmel

Here you get a chance not only to enjoy the products you purchase, but to feel the hectic, Mediterranean mentality.

shuk Carmel-photo Gili Mazza

Bezalel Market

"Bezalel market" which is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, just off King George Street and "Dizengof center", is not known for tourists, but If you like to bargain and in huge piles of clothes – on a quest for reasonable items that will look new ,you'll love the scene

Bezalel market-photo Gili Mazza

the stalls sell a wide assortment of items, mainly textile products. years ago, this market was known for the best place to buy swimwear, in funny prices and to match them to accessories such as towels, flip-flops and also purchase Children’s clothes, sometimes of known brands in nice cut-price deal

Bezalel market-photo Gili Mazza

Bezalel is the place to discover designer jeans and a well-known Spanish woman fashion company, that I bought their shirts and dresses here in quarter of a price then in their official stores, as they are importing the year before retail models from Barcelona

Bezalel market-photo Gili Mazza

residential project with luxury apartments that costs between 3-10 million shekels, changed the look of this market

Bezalel market-photo Gili Mazza

some of the shops been affected and had to close their shutters for good, like the famous falafel stalls that used to shout loud ;and give you free tastings of the boiled vegan balls, and option to fill the pita bread with thini till you can't take it anymore

shuK Carmel-photo Gili Mazza

The Carmel Market

At the end of King George st. you'll get to "Shuk HaKarmel". Carmel market is one of the must-sees to have a real taste of Israel. It used to be a cheap market, but in the last 2-3 years, it became a trendy place for upmarket food, even gourmet, a feast to the eyes and the stomach, less to the wallet

shuk Carmel-photo Gili Mazza

Bistros with high chairs are welcoming vibrant ambiance, a mixture of the kitchens brought by immigrants from variant diasporas.


embrace the crowd, it is part of the experience but be aware of pickpocket

shuk Carmel-photo Gili Mazza

The pedestrian walkway, are very busy on Fridays so I highly recommend to come before 10.00

it might be sometimes pushy , but warm and friendly

for guided food tours through Carmel Market: google on one of the various options

pita and falafel Carmel market-photo Gili Mazza

The Art Fair at Nachlat Binyamin Street

Just parallel to Carmel market is "Nahalat Binyamin", one of Israel’s biggest arts and crafts markets, that is celebrating 25 years

Nahlat Binyamin-photo Gili Mazza

a great place to browse for original local hand-made souvenirs

Nahlat Binyamin-photo Gili Mazza

The fair offers original works of talented craftsman's ,guaranteeing a unique piece of jewelry or painted ceramics ,toys, framed photographs, Judaica pieces and you name it

Nahlat Binyamin-photo Gili Mazza

It's amazing for me to see that this market continually reinvents itself ,full of creativity and new products that aren’t the mass way of-"made in China".

gallery of Nahlat binyamin

Here you can meet F2F the artists, have small talk and enjoy their explanations. Some famous artists started their way here, like "Michal Negrin world" brand and I remember her sitting and people are gathering and buying her jewelry like hot buns.

gallery of Nahlat binyamin

Don’t forget- to lift your eyes to the interesting architecture and enticing cafes, near old school textile shops. they are on-going street performances including fortune tellers, actors and musicians who make an added special experience

Please note that nahlat Binyamin market is only held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 17.00

here bottom:Neve Zedek-photos Gili Mazza

While you’re in the neighborhood, i highly recommend a visit to "Neve Tzedek", charming variant of "soho".here are some photos that might open your appetite.

Neve Zedek :

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