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Tainan art experience - israeli fame

Dudu Gerstein work infront of the Tainan art Museum

After a long journey from Tel Aviv via Honk Kong and then taking the fast train from Taipei to Tainan, I finally came to my goal :Jhongsi Historical district of Tainan

i invite you here-Tainan art museum

Here is located TAM- :Tainan art museum, a "fresh" museum, that was opened just few months ago. I was walking around the huge building and found out that it pays a conribute to the old Tainan City Police Station from 1930, the earliest existing police station in Taiwan. it took seven years to build this new beautiful structure,second big museum of Taiwan

Tainan art museum-photo Gili Mazza


Knowing it's past as a police station- its not obvious that his goal is: to be "the museum for the people”- as the director Pan Fan defined. Just for the record-it's the first art museum in Taiwan founded as an independent administrative institution, even though it is under government supervision. it has two research centers: one on the development of Taiwanese art and the other; on the scientific aspect of art, which will include Taiwan’s first facilities to restore paintings

an instalation infront of the TAM-photo Gili Mazza

Creative Design

It was designed by architect Joe Shih (石昭永) and Japanese firm Shigeru Ban Architects, and includes two main buildings, that each one consists between 16-17 galleries

photos by Tainan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau.

I liked the concept of using hi-teach materials that are cooling the floor and inner spaces, with 3-5 degrees lowers than outdoor temperature, which getts really humid in the wet season

"cooling" in an instalation infront of the TAM-photo Gili Mazza

The colonial-era of the building was functioning as Tainan Police Department and the new, pentagonal structure welcomes people from all directions:From the Streets and avenues that surround Tainan Art Museum such as: The Confucian Temple, National Museum of Taiwanese Literature, Heritage of former Tainan District Court and more nearby structures

photos by Tainan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau.

The building itself is taking the concept of mountains, so when people walk up and down the stairs to access different exhibition spaces, other people from a far can see them, as walking on the trails of mountains

Tainan art museum-photo Gili Mazza

The shades above the building took the idea of “Flame Tree” (Tainan City Tree), which has small petals, and each petal is designed in different angles to reflect the sunlight's. the roof-has a pentagon shape combined with the phoenix blossom and the Traditional Chinese hat

photos by Tainan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau.

The museum space

You can enjoy a long walk throughout the two buildings and reach easily, any specific exhibition gallery you prefer. Events and shows are housed in the multipurpose theater, children's art center, exclusive galleries of different height, shape, adjustable lighting and sound

photos by Tainan City Government, Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Most attractive outdoor scene

Is no doubt the sculpture :“Good Times” created by Israeli artist, Dudu (David ) Gerstein, that filled me with pride and patriotism. two people riding on bicycles, in joyful mood which is represented by the bouquet of butterflies flying above.

the sculpture "good times" in Tainan art museum-photo Gili Mazza

Butterfly motif

Mr. Gerstein believes that the butterflies symbolize his dream of freedom, grace, nobility, movement, color and generosity. Each butterfly in this outdoor statue in Tainan art museum, is hand-painted by the artist and his team of 30 people in Israel, representing leisure moments in an urban city

with the artist Dudu Gerstein

After seeing his art work in Tainan, I came back to my city, Tel Aviv to meet face to face the artist, that has a gallery in the center of town

When I asked him:"what was your first inspiration to create butterflies?

he answered:

"I wanted to do something with lips. A common subject in pop transfer the feeling of the tenderness, beauty and grace"

cyclists with butterflies in Gerstein gallery-photo Gili Mazza

What is Gerstein uniqueness

Dudu works can be described as half scale- between painting and sculpture. He was innovative when he started around the 80, to develop a post-pop art style, first he experimented with wood and aluminum sculptures, which were "three-dimensional while preserving a two-dimensional quality" , then multilayered cutout steel and later in the '90s he used laser. He was painting his works in shiny colors taken from the car industry, and he was gaining many fans and also many annoying imitators, that are still existing and imitating all what comes from his turbulent mind

Why bicycle

A very strong childhood memory is of his mother riding a bicycle;" this is a memory of freedom", Dudu recalls. bicycle is inherited as a motif that developed into a series of bicycle riders and afterward in Gerstein's three-dimensional work. Later he produced a line of work influenced by other sports; such as marathon runners, swimmers and bicyclists (exemplified by the works :"Tour de France " and :"Armstrong", after Lance Armstrong) and in his words it sounds logic: "to escape the Israeli political reality to an Olympian turbulent-free tranquility"

modern life-work of Dudu Gerstein -photo Gili Mazza

Success in Taiwan

The love story between Dudu and Taiwan started in 2016, when he won Taiwan’s Public Art Awards . the curator was Ms. Virginia Hui-Ting Chen, who is an art expert, that is an intermediator between authorities and administerial bodies to artists, and also doing implantations and consulting by her company: Shalom Arts

movement in Tainan art museum-photo Gili Mazza

How did you met Ms. Hui-ting I asked:

"Ms. Hui-Ting suggested my art works to projects and tenders, and I won some of the competitions they did". Dudu answered me:

Like the Hsinchu county stadium, were he sculptured cyclists and runners in like a photo-finish, and defeated 15 competitors' from all around the globe

Just lately he compelled again other artists and was chosen to create a huge statue: tornado of butterflies in a new huge mall, that will be situated near the arena in Hsinchu

Dudu Gerstein infront of his gallery-photo Gili Mazza

World fame

Dudu Gerstein works has been exhibited in museums ,in public venues and more then 30 galleries, all over the world and in permanent and temporary collections. He is famous in Asian countries such as: Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines. His most public Momentum sculpture, is currently Singapore's tallest public sculpture reaching the height of 18.5 meters

For more info about Dudu-go to his site

Shalom Arts and Ms. Virginia Hui-Ting Chen contact:

happy to be here in Tainan art museum-Taiwan

flying experience with Cathay Pacific:

The Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Group, offers flights to over 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa. The company is a member of the Swire group and is a public company, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

photos by Cathay Pacipic

What was special for me

First of all, the several options were to land when i was heading from Tel Aviv via Taiwan. as a woman who travells alone- flying with CP to Taiwan, to three different destinations, is crucial as a starting point for a short trip. flying from Tel Aviv-to one of the cities: Kaohsiung, Taipei or Taichung, with only one stop in the hub of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong. makes it also great for a buisness woman, who needs to save time

Although we are talking about an average of 14-18 hours trip, the many facilities and mostly comfortable seats, are making it much easier. and i defintely compare this experience with other airlines, i had the chance to fly with to Taiwan

photos by Cathay Pacipic

I was lucky to try premium economy class of Cathay , with separate check-in and boarding preference. Premium economy class passengers are also eligible to come up, with a suitcase that weight, higher than usual.this option i must say, was a huge relief for me, as i had over weigh from nice shopping i did in Taipei

Just before takeoff, we could choose between a glass of juice or champagne, i admit: i took the soft drink option. then i found out a cute kit with blindfold, earplugs and other pampering items

A removable tray grasp, can easily work with a laptop,as additional storage space and to add a glass of my drink, i needed it all, as i had a novel to read, notebook to scribble my ideas, laptop to work and some cosmetics to use. I saw people are selecting from the rich entertainment system, that offers movies, series, music and games on HD Touch screen

i know the prices of the flights, can be an issue and can vary a lot depending on the season, so i advice you to check for special deals in the website:

i invite you ro reveal:

the secrets of the 5 biggest jeans corporation in the world-read it here

photos by Cathay Pacipic


גילי מצא
גילי מצא
May 20, 2019

Thank you beccakk2 for adding this detailed comment and you are a great example of the local Taiwanese who is proud in his legacy


May 20, 2019

Thanks Gili for sharing Tainan, Taiwan to the world!

The worldly-renowned Israeli artist, David Gerstein’s sculpture “good-times” is really beautiful and eye-catching. It invites the public to come closer, and enjoy the “good time” in the museum and the performing art center.

As Taiwanese, I strongly recommend anyone planning to visit Taiwan to pay a visit to this lovely cultural city—Tainan for a few days, and enjoy the layback pace, tasty street food and most of all, the warm hospitality!

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