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Tel Aviv pride parade 2017

welcome to the capital gay city-photo Gili Mazza

After attracting last year, over 200,000 people, the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, is primed to get even bigger in 2017.

all Tel Aviv is adorned-photo Gili Mazza

Coming this Friday, 9 of June. Tel Aviv held it’s first Pride Parade in 1998, and although it started out quite modestly, it gradually gained momentum. now it's considered, one of the best parades in the world.

photorights Gili Mazza
israeli pride-photo Gili Mazza

Last year, I saw many gay and lesbian couples and soloists, in the airport and the streets, coming especially to show their pride.

This year, the parade's theme is "Bisexuality" ,and it celebrates the acceptance of the bisexual community into the LGBTQ fold.

tourists from all over the world-photo Gili Mazza

the annual event, will start at 10 am, in a large fair in Me'ir Park ,and then take you along the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv, towards the city's Charles Clore shows, bars and round-the-clock parties, will start after the beach party.

one of the special things, that is unique to Tel Aviv parade, is a bracelet that is called: TLV17 Pass. it's a combo bracelet, that allows you to enter 3 or 5 parties, out of a long list. this year’s biggest and hottest parties are: soldiers party, waterpark, the famous Israeli d. j OFFER NISSIM will play LIVE. the higlight is the show of UNDERWEAR PARTFOREVER & PET SHOP BOYS, in Hayarkon Park, on Saturday the 10

having a good spot on the parade-photo Gili Mazza

Tel Aviv, is a diverse city, with multicultural influences, tourists from all over the world and open-minded locals. Every summer, people of every gender, religion and color flood the streets and get together for a celebration of acceptance, love and joy. i was happy to see, how well it is organised, and how many people are smiling and having fun

photorights Gili Mazza
hi their and salut-photo Gili Mazza

There are some travel agencies, that combines celebrating your Pride, with accommodations at the best hotels in the city, incredible tours around Israel and insuring your entry, to the most exclusive parties and fabulous events, taking place during Pride 2017.

great local body performances-photo Gili Mazza

So if you didnt book your flight, be spontaneous, be sure to travel with a sun-screen and party with hot Tel Aviv, young crowed.

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