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The old city christmas -Jerusalem

resting in the old city-phoo Gili Mazza

Jerusalem is adorned now with thousands of pilgrims,coming to the city to celebrate Christmas and soon the new year eve, in the place where it all began

local gates old city-photo Gili Mazza

heading to the Via Dolorosa walking this famous route with the cross of Christ over their shoulders, or "just" getting emotional from visiting places, they read and dreamed about

hello santa-photo Gili Mazza

The Christmas atmosphere, is in particular in the air of the Old City’s Christian and Armenian quarters, that became vivid with colorful decorations .while other Jerusalem landmarks,such as the YMCA, along with the city’s churches, celebrate with services and choir concerts, elevating the spirit of the audience

near the altar-photo Gili Mazza

Just to explain, the old city of Jerusalem is less then 1 square kilometer, and yet you can spend all your life, without exploring all the hidden treasures of its corners and alleys

Armenian quarter-photo Gili Mazza

I visited it so many times, but when I took my preferred local guide, it was so different. Pnina Ein- Mor who loves the city and considered as an expert of Jerusalem, with a broad knowledge of history and great stories of people she collected during 22 years of guidance.

Pnina ein mor guide-photo Gili Mazza

Pnina owns a tourism and culture company-"Ein kerem legend", that one of their expertise is introducing the local culinary and rich folklore of the different ethnic groups, in this cradle in the heart of the middleast

locals in the city-photo Gili Mazza

All those gems are gathered in her brand new book about Ein kerem, elected to represent Israel, in the famous competition, "Gourmand Cookbook award", that will take place soon in China.

For more details about guided tours in Jerusalem and Ein Kerem:

phone of Ein kerem legend-972-26418686

old city big tree-photo Gili Mazza
hello new year-photo Gili Mazza

here santa reads messages-photo Gili Mazza

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