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The top things to do in Astana -Expo

Astana is an astonishing new city, the capital of Kazakhstan . I couldn’t stop taking photos, of her impressive buildings, designed by world-famous architects, which contribute visually to its futuristic, la- la land grandeur,as a major oil and gas exporter, it was built with these profits.

From June till September 2017, Astana holds a magnet, which is a reason to find a direct flight from Russia or Turkey. Expo 2017, focused on "Future Energy", suits the capital vibe. the issue of resources of energy, has become a concrete topic of modernity, so the aim of Expo is clear.showing innovation and practical alternative solutions.

I was lucky enough to visit it, in the first week of June, when thousand hundreds of people have attended. Those numbers are going to grow in total to 5 million visitors, according to the evaluation of the organizers. I was walking around between, "all the world" pavilions (about 100), trying to find the latest developments in wind, solar, space, sun and kinetic energy.

Expo Israel pavilion- photorights Gili Mazza

Right in the heart of the exhibition, I was surprised and proud, to find the story of fifteen Israeli companies, active in green technologies. A dramatic show of a dancer, was an original way, to move the energy and the audience. Israel was one of the first countries, to start developing solar energy, in the 1970s. Expo 2017 in Astana coincides, with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, between Israel and Kazakhstan.

The center piece of the grounds is no doubt, Kazakhstan's National Pavilion. Kazakhstan creative shell, reminds the shape and volume of the monumental architecture of the town. although out of seven spiral floors, only the first one was open to the public .i loved the idea, of a glass shell-globe, sat atop an undulating glazed podium. One hemisphere of the building is completely see-through, while the other is translucent.

The British pavilion was impressive, with a corridor that led into a surprise, and in the end, was a demonstration of a nobel price invention. that concerns energy for lighting and heating. I hint , as not to spoil the visit.

The Austrian pavilion, hosts a range of interactive installations, that encourage visitors, to use their own bodies to produce energy. including a room filled with stationary bicycles. I didn’t try them, as I needed to run with my tennis pink shoes, to see more.

Emirates pavilion Expo- photorights Gili Mazza

I was waiting 20 minutes in line, to see the pavilion of the Emirates group. I even had a photo with some Sheikhs, that didn’t suspect I am from Israel. the floor ground, was Inspired by the dunes of the Emirati Liwa desert, against a backdrop image, of the Abu Dhabi skyline. But the best attraction for me, was filling a digital file, trying to win a flight ticket to Dubai. When I had to write the area code of Israel, I hesitated. The face of the man dressed in a traditional desert garment, was smiling when he told me: "next expo is in Dubai, see you in 2020".

Come to visit-June 10 through September 10, daily. Expo 2017

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