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Netanya street art

Netanya street art-graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

i love to find street art every were. especially in cities, that aren't the "hard core" of the scene. sometimes i just need to open the 3 eye-like the photo here in Netanya, the 8 biggest city in Israel, 30 minutes from Tel-Aviv

Netanya street art-graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

I have to admit it was an easy task, as I had a street art poet with me and also a graffiti expert:Dina Segev

gallery of street art in Dina Segev city tour:

Dina Segev, that dare to put her personal life on walls, as poems that can be read through walking in urban, detached areas, that spread sometimes loneliness and harsh daily life

a wall poet of Dina Segev

I met Dina in an organized tour she led for travel bloggers, to Netanya. in the last years this town, became like a French riviere mainly due to the fact, many immigrants from France populated it, but regardless... it has the longest coast line and some of the nicest beaches of our country, that certainly should get more attention and funds.

small gems in Netanya:

I didn’t stroll in this city for many years, so I was really surprise to find walls and buildings covered with creativity, mainly of foreign artists. I learned from Dina they are a part of a group called:A4I- Artists 4 Israel

Netanya street art-graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

Just to know :Artists 4 Israel represents more than 8,000 artists from 26 different countries who are united to overcome bigotry against Israel.

Netanya graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

for instance a group of artists, from this pro-Israel organisation came to paint over the bomb shelters in Sderot, as a sustainable protest and create a marvelous outdoor gallery

Four years ago,the Mural project entitled “Graffiti in the City” happened as a collaboration between :"Artists 4 Israel" under the direction of Craig Dershowitz, the owner of an underground graffiti magazine that got support from Netanya foundation and the municipality

Netanya graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

known Artists such as Dourone, Jeroo, Muro, Chemis, MrDheo, Pariz, Pesu, Angelina Christina and many more, were invited to Have a look at the walls and get some ideas to their free artistic expression.

The consequence of this visit was 20 works, in the main streets of Netanya: Herzel, Zangbil, Azmaut square, the fire station and the market . later, this project grew to adding colors with beautiful murals, for two elementary schools and community centers

Netanya street art-graffiti-photo Gili Mazza

So-if you want to learn more about street art also in other places in Israel, contact Dina Segev who is lecturing in this field, beside writing her twists of the soul on murals, and leading lively tours like this.

contact her

thanks: to the blogger Einat Hershko who organised the tour and choose us "one by one".

Netanya street art-photo Gili Mazza

more of street art-that is "life" it self

more about Graffiti i wrote here:

south tel Aviv:

Link hotel in Tel Aviv-that is full of street art exhibition

Pop UP museum in Tel aviv-here

Netanya -graffiti-photo Gili Mazza


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